Drug Policy

Generic drugs, also known as generics, are medications that are sold without a brand name. In terms of composition, side effects, route of administration, and dosage, they are identical to their branded counterparts.

  • Manufacturers of brand-name medicines spend a lot of money advertising and convincing people to buy their products. This advertising and marketing expense is added to the product’s price. Generics are significantly less expensive than branded medicines because manufacturers do not invest in such activities.
  • According to WHO guidelines, generics do not have to have the same inactive ingredients as the brand-name product. (Inactive ingredients include binding materials, dyes, preservatives, and flavoring agents, which have nothing to do with the drug’s therapeutic action.)
  • According to trademark laws, a generic pill may not look exactly like its brand-name counterpart. As a result, the generic version of the drug differs from the branded counterparts, even though both have the same composition and function the same way.
  • Generics are required by law to meet the same stringent quality standards as their brand-name counterparts. The WHO requires that generic drugs be bioequivalent to brand-name counterparts regarding effectiveness and speed of action.

All of the medicines offered by PO, whether branded or generic, meet the WHO standards.

Prescription Policy

We may request a valid prescription for some drugs following the guidelines for online drugstores. To avoid any inconvenience, read the tips below before purchasing from PharmaOffshore

  • You can either email a scanned copy of your prescription to [email protected]
  • The prescription should be physically written in English by a qualified doctor. Online prescriptions are not accepted.
  • If you do not send us the prescription within 15 days of ordering it online, we will cancel your order.
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