Eat Right and Exercise: 10 Natural Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

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Eat Right and Exercise: 10 Natural Ways to Prevent Erectile Dysfunction

As guys grow older, erectile dysfunction (ED) shows up more often. However, this should not be mistaken as an inevitable result of aging. Here are some ways to avoid ED and maintain sexual power:

Keep tabs on what you consume. A bad diet for a man’s heart does not contribute to his capability to achieve satisfactory erections either. Studies show that the same dietary habits which can lead to a heart attack due to reduced blood flow in the coronary arteries can also interfere with blood circulation towards and inside the penis, which is necessary for erection. Diets comprised mainly of junk food with few fruits or vegetables could mean decreased body circulation. Whatever can have an adverse influence on the heart will undoubtedly impact the penis too.

Eat heart-healthy food

To more effectively improve both heart and sexual health, regular physical activity and improved nutrition are the best approaches. Opt for a plant-based diet emphasizing fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein with minimal sugar and fat. A balanced diet is essential to maintain proper blood sugar levels, which can help manage diabetes (a common cause of Erectile Dysfunction) and reduce other cardiovascular risks. Additionally, for those identified as diabetic, it is essential to maintain normal blood glucose levels to preserve their remaining erectile function and minimize the severity of Erectile Dysfunction. Usually, healthy diets like Mediterranean or DASH are suggested; however, finding the eating plan that works best for you and that you can sustainably keep up with is crucial. Maintaining a healthy weight is also essential in preventing type 2 diabetes and nerve damage throughout the body, which may lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

Maintain a healthy weight

Being overweight can harm your well-being, and losing weight can help. Not correctly managing calorie intake will significantly raise the possibility of getting ED.

A study highlighted that 79% of men with Erectile Dysfunction were obese. Age is not as important a factor as the amount you weigh when it comes to sexual activity.

Find more activities regularly

Doing physical exercises can help individuals who have erectile dysfunction. Studies show that exercise, regardless of its level of intensity, can reduce Erectile Dysfunction from a holistic viewpoint. This means that it assists you in getting your body into shape and optimizes cardiovascular health. On the other hand, some studies indicate that an inactive lifestyle can weaken your ability to achieve and maintain an erection.

Damage to blood vessels like endothelial dysfunction – which is triggered by harm to the vessels’ inner lining (endothelium)- can be caused by a sedentary life. Thus, erectile dysfunction issues could worsen if levels of endothelial dysfunction increase. Fortunately, men can improve and even beat mild erectile dysfunction cases – when they witness erection problems, but these are not absent yet. It is likely for both overall improvement in Erectile Dysfunction and endothelial dysfunction outcomes to arise when doing physical activity as recommended by federal guidelines occurs regularly. According to these regulations, men must strive for an amount equivalent to 150 minutes of moderate-intensity workouts every week, such as brisk walking, biking at a moderate velocity (10 – 12 miles per hour), or dancing.

Get enough sleep

Healthcare professionals usually accept that two activities should be carried out in the bedroom: sleeping and engaging in sexual activity. The room has no purpose for working on a laptop or binge-watching TV all night. This disturbance hinders sleep, impacts physical and psychological health, and affects peak performance. Furthermore, lack of sleep has been linked with various medical issues, from depression to high blood pressure. Both these underlying issues and exhaustion can lead to Erectile Dysfunction.

For this reason, gaining at least 7-9 hours of sleep per night is essential. However, many adults need help – hence why the bedroom should exist as a peaceful, dimly lit environment without any screens.

Minimize stress

You realize that tension can worsen interaction with your significant other. It can also stop your brain from making the needed physical changes when you are in the same space, such as improving the bloodstream to the penis required for an erection.

Prolonged anxiety may raise cortisol hormone levels, which can diminish your desire for sexual activity. It might also contribute to mental states like depression that may lead to Erectile Dysfunction as well.

Importance of mental health

It is significant not just to manage stress but also to talk about other psychological health matters, such as anxiety and depression, that can influence one’s ability to get an erection. Eating nutritiously, being physically active, and getting plenty of rest are beneficial. However, it is critical to find assistance from a certified mental health therapist or doctor if you have severe conditions like depression or anxiety. Generally, medications and therapy are suggested; inquire about any potential effects those drugs may have on your sexual activity (including ED). Making sure your healthcare practitioner keeps your cholesterol and blood pressure levels in check can help prevent erectile dysfunction, as these two can damage the veins that carry blood to the penis. You can monitor your blood pressure between doctor visits as some fire stations or stores provide free screenings, plus there are devices in the market designed for home use. Furthermore, research suggests that light or moderate drinking does not interfere with erectile function; however chronic alcohol abuse could damage nerves making it hard to achieve an erection. People should seek medical attention if they notice a rise in cholesterol or blood pressure levels.

Consume less alcohol

Consuming alcohol – especially if consumed in excess – can also lead to erectile dysfunction. Therefore, it is always best for one’s overall well-being and sexual health to drink moderate amounts; this would equate to a maximum of two drinks per day for men.

Checking testosterone levels is essential. For healthy males, testosterone levels frequently start decreasing at around 50 years old; after 40 years old, there is generally an annual reduction of 1.3%. Signs such as low libido, little energy, irritability, or poor judgment could indicate low testosterone levels; have your physician check those levels.


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