Stenbolone 10mg (Methylstenbolone) 50 Tablets

Generic Name: Methylstenbolone
Manufacturer: A-Tech Labs

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10MG X 50 TABS

What is Stenbo?

Stenbo (Methylstenbolone) is an over the counter legal product that contains 10mg of pure Methylstenbolone per tabltes.

Its chemical name is 2,17¦Á-dimethyl-5¦Á-androstane-1-en-17¦Â-of-3-one and is classified as anabolic roids. This means that although Methylstenbolone is quite different from most anabolic roids in the business, given its composition and mode of dosing, it will still promote positive results when you’re being tested for roids.

Methylstenbolone is considered the safer and more user-friendly alternative to Superdrol. It is fast-acting, and users can already see results after a couple of weeks or so.

Methylstenbolone is touted as a key prohormone to get your hands on if you’re aiming to up the ante on your strength, size, and mass.

It does not convert to estrogen or have any affinity for the progesterone receptors, and so it avoids the estrogen-related side effects of some other prohormones. Those who use Methylstenbolone will provide a great advance in lean body mass gains, excellent strength gains, and will increase athletic endurance. It works best as a bulking compound. Many people have reported gains upward of 15-20 pounds depending on the diet that they follow. Given how strong this compound is, Methylstenbolone should be cycled with liver protection and Post Cycle Therapy.

This compound is only advised for men only.

What are the benefits of using Stenbo, Methylstenbolone?

  • Boosts strength levels
  • It helps promote the development of fuller muscles
  • It bulks you up without the risk of retaining excess water in the body
  • Considerable size and mass gains

Methylstenbolone Bulking:

  • It is possible that you can gain approximately 15 to 20 pounds of lean muscle with a daily 10mg dose of Methylstenbolone for 4 weeks.

Methylstenbolone Cutting:

  • Users report that they could get rid of as much as 3% of body fat while packing up to 6 pounds of muscle when they took a daily dose of Methylstenbolone in a 4-week period.


  • With a daily 10mg dose of Methylstenbolone for 4 weeks, users tip-off that they could eliminate as much as 2.2% of body fat while gaining 6 to 11 pounds of lean muscle.

However, it is still important to note your diet, alcohol consumption, and genetics while cycling with this prohormone.


10mg daily with liver support.


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